Ancestor Antenat

Terms and Conditions

  • The Client’s contract and family information is treated as strictly confidential. If Ancestor Antenat (“AA”) uses the services of subcontractors in the performance the contract, they will likewise be bound to confidentiality.
  •  The Client and AA will agree on the scope, budget, timing, and goals of research at the time of initiating any commission.
  • Upon completion, AA will report to the Client, in writing or in a different form if specifically requested, on findings and sources used in research commissions.
  • The Client confirms that the Provider cannot guarantee that any particular person(s), family, event or other information can be found and that Provider cannot predict how successful a search will be, if at all. Even if a search is partially or wholly unsuccessful, the Provider will have the right to charge for all time spent on a given commission, within budgets pre-agreed with the Client.
  • The Client will reimburse AA for any additional costs of obtaining and sending such documentation and such costs are not included in research fees. If these additional costs are substantial, AA will ask for the Client’s approval before incurring.
  • Paid time for any commission includes hours spent on research, analysis, drawing charts, communicating with the Client, and writing reports.
  • In case the Client cancels a commission or in the case it becomes clear that research will not take as long as initially expected or research cannot progress as anticipated, any unused pre-paid research hours will be refunded to the Client.
  • AA may ask the Client to send a notarized power-of-attorney authorizing access to records on the Client’s behalf, if such a document is necessary for research purposes due to privacy laws and similar restrictions.
  • AA’s liability for any actual, incidental, indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused, is limited to the value of the contract.
  • Any documents prepared by AA in the process of research, including any charts, reports, transcriptions, and translations remain AA’s copyright and should not be published without prior consent.
  • Copies of records may come from sources that restrict publication rights, therefore the Client will not publish records provided by AA without permission.
  • The Client agrees to the Provider holding personal details of the Client and family members (as necessary for the purposes of research) consistently with personal data protection regulations.