Services for Law Firms and Other Professionals

Ancestor Antenat has years of experience in helping law firms, estate trustees, filmmakers, and other professional clients with their genealogical and historical research needs. Our highly qualified and credentialed team will diligently and professionally pursue the documentation that you need. We start by designing an efficient research plan that fulfills your needs and document our efforts so that you understand exactly what has been done. Our professional clients have included some of the world’s leading law firms, wealthy families, and trust companies. We pride ourselves on our rigorous research standards and responsiveness.

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This is excellent. I do appreciate your help and professionalism!

A.S., New York, USA

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project. Your efforts have helped me gain a betterunderstanding of my family's unique history.

P.S., London, England ..................

The help you have provided is appreciated more than you know. Thank you very much for being so dedicated and diligent with this!

G.K., New York, USA

Your kindness, your grace, your sensitivity and refinement, was a gift to us as we explored our family’s glorious history.

B.R., Pittsburgh, USA

Delighted with the service… I haven’t hesitated to recommend Anna.

F.M., Melbourne, Australia

Anna is a knowledgeable, relentless, curious and thorough genealogist. She embodies all the hallmarks of an extraordinary academic researcher and speaker in the field.

L.L., Toronto, Canada

Thank you for this excellent report!

E.D., Cologne, Germany