Family Reasearch

At Ancestor Antenat we love discovering people’s stories, and we are eager to help you connect with your relatives in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus. Whether you are just starting to learn about your family or have done considerable research and want to take the next step, we can comb through the complex records that have survived to our times, many of which are not easily accessible or comprehensible. After conducting the research you are interested in, we will report our results to you in the way that best suits you – for instance, a narrative description of your family story, copies and translations of relevant documents, and/or a family tree diagram. We also enjoy organizing individually planned trips for our customers to Poland/Eastern Europe to further explore their unique heritage firsthand. To get started, just send us a message or fill out the contact form and share your thoughts about what you are looking for. We will quickly come back with a free proposal for your consideration.

Citizenship Assistance

If your ancestors lived in Poland in the twentieth century, you may be interested in confirming your rights and privileges as a Polish citizen, with all the possibilities that EU citizenship brings in terms of employment, education, and employment. Or, if you have roots in the Jewish community of Poland/Ukraine/Lithuania/Belarus, perhaps you would like to document them to benefit from Israel’s Law of Return. Over the years we have enabled many clients successfully claim their rights in citizenship cases. We can help you assemble the documentation required to navigate the process. Please reach out to us by email or using the contact form so that we can make an initial assessment of your eligibility and submit a free proposal.


This is excellent. I do appreciate your help and professionalism!

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The help you have provided is appreciated more than you know. Thank you very much for being so dedicated and diligent with this!

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Your kindness, your grace, your sensitivity and refinement, was a gift to us as we explored our family’s glorious history.

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Delighted with the service… I haven’t hesitated to recommend Anna.

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Anna is a knowledgeable, relentless, curious and thorough genealogist. She embodies all the hallmarks of an extraordinary academic researcher and speaker in the field.

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